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Ghi chú

Sunday, July 17, 201100:00(View: 6554)
Ghi chú

Lời dịch: Ông Không – Tháng 7-2009


Sources for Notes


AA Adyar Archives, Theosophical Society, Adyar, Madras, India

BA Brockwood Archives, Brockwood Park, Hampshire, England

EFB English Foundation Bulletin

Herald The Herald of the Star

ISB International Star Bulletin

KFAA Krishnamurti Foundation of America Archives, Ojai, California

SPT Star Publishing Trust

TPH Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, Madras, India

All correspondence between Mrs Besant and C. W. Leadbeater are in AA. They are quoted here from copies sent to me by B. Shiva Rao at Krishnamurti’s request.

Krishnamurti’s letters to Lady Emily Lutyens are in BA. Lady Emily’s letters to Mrs Besant are in AA.

 1. Blavatsky and her Teachers, Jean Overton Fuller, pp. 24–27 (East–West Publications, 1988).

 2. According to tradition, the Buddha was a position in the hierarchy. Gautama had been the last Buddha. The Lord Maitreya, it was said, was to be the next Buddha after he had fulfilled his mission on earth, hence the title of Bodhisattva. Madame Blavatsky made no mention in any of her writings of the coming of the Lord Maitreya, but she evidently said something to her followers, even if it was misunderstood, because Mrs Besant reminded her critics when she founded the Order of the Star in the East that Madame Blavatsky had ‘regarded it as the mission of the Theosophical Society to prepare the world for the coming of the next great Teacher, though she put that event perhaps half a century later than I do’.

 3. The Masters and the Path, C. W. Leadbeater (TPH, 1925).

 4. Krishnamurti, Pupul Jayakar, p. 16 (Harper & Row, 1986).

 5. AA. From an essay Krishna was set to write in 1913 at Varengeville in Normandy on ‘Fifty Years of my Life’. Krishna intended to add to it year by year but all that was actually written was some 3,500 words, giving a sketch of his life up to 1911.

 6. Clairvoyant Investigations by C. W. Leadbeater and the Lives of Alcyone, Ernest Wood (privately printed, Adyar, 1947). See also Theosophical Journal, England, January–February 1965.

 7. Mrs Besant’s and Leadbeater’s communications with each other in this chapter were published by C. Jinarajadasa in The Theosophist, June 1932.

 8. Clarke’s account of the Initiation in Australian Theosophist, September 1928.

 9. AA. This letter is quoted in full in The Years of Awakening, pp. 35–38.

 10. Quoted in The Man and his Message, Lily Heber, p. 49 (Allen & Unwin, 1931).

 11. Candles in the Sun, Lady Emily Lutyens, p. 32 (Hart-Davis, 1957).

 12. An account of the trial is given in Leadbeater’s letters to Lady Emily (BA).

 13. Candles in the Sun, pp. 59–60.

 14. Occult Investigations, C. Jinarajadasa (TPH, 1938).

 15. Herald, June 1922.

 16. Nitya’s and Krishna’s accounts are quoted from the copies sent to Lady Emily, now in BA.

 17. AA. Signed by Nitya and dated 17 February 1923. Quoted from copy of original by kind permission of Mrs Radha Burnier. First quoted in Pupul Jayakar’s Krishnamurti, pp. 49–57.

 18. This article, a prose-poem running to 9,000 words, was published in the Herald under the title The Path in three monthly parts from October 1923. In 1981 The Path was included in Poems and Parables, J. Krishnamurti (Gollancz, Harper & Row, 1981).

 19. From Lady Emily’s diary, 1925 (BA).

 20. For an account of life in Leadbeater’s community at The Manor see To be Young, Mary Lutyens (reprinted Corgi, 1989).

 21. Herald, September 1925. The other ‘occult’ events recorded in this chapter come from Lady Emily’s diary (BA).

 22. Herald, February 1926.

 23. Ibid, June 1926.

 24. Ibid, March 1926.

 25. Candles in the Sun, p. 144.

 26. Letter from Maria-Luisa Kirby to R. G. Macbean, 31 July 1926 (Theosophist, 19 July 1948).

 27. The Pool of Wisdom (SPT, 1928).

 28. KFAA.

 29. Who brings the Truth (SPT, 1928).

 30. The Last Four Lives of Annie Besant, A. H. Nethercote, p. 193n (Hart-Davis, 1961).

 31. Interview with Bourdelle in L’Intransigéant, March 1928, quoted in English translation in ISB, April 1928.

 32. Let Understanding be the Law (SPT, 1928).

 33. KFAA.

 34. Bernard Shaw, Hesketh Pearson, p. 115 (Collins, 1942).

 35. ISB, July 1929.

 36. Ibid, September 1929.

 37. These pronouncements were made in: Theosophist, June 1931; ibid, December 1931; Theosophy in India, 1931, and Wedgwood to Lady Emily, October 1929.

 38. ISB, June 1931.

 39. Lady Emily’s letters to Krishnamurti are in KFAA with copies in BA.

 40. ISB, June 1931.

 41. Communication from Krishnamurti to the author.

 42. Authentic reports of Krishnamurti’s talks in Latin America and Mexico, revised by himself, were published by SPT in 1936.

 43. MS by Krishnamurti, 1976 (BA).

 44. Commentaries on Living, pp. 15, 16 and 44. Two further volumes of Commentaries on Living were published in 1959 and 1960. All three volumes were edited by Rajagopal.

 45. Krishnamurti, Pupul Jayakar, p. 57. Passages from Krishnamurti’s beautiful letters to Nandini Mehta, written between 1948 and 1960, are quoted in this book (pp. 251–273).

 46. Trial of Mr Gandhi, Francis Watson (1969).

 47. From a copy of Pupul Jayakar’s notes, first published in The Years of Fulfilment. The account is also given in her Krishnamurti, pp. 125–130, with some slight differences.

 48. Ibid, pp. 202–203.

 49. Letters to and from Doris Pratt (BA).

 50. Krishnamurti, Pupul Jayakar, p. 242.

 51. From a copy of Vanda Scaravelli’s notes.

 52. Aldous Huxley, Sybille Bedford, II, p. 71 (Chatto & Windus, 1973).

 53. EFB, no. 2, Spring 1969.

 54. The Urgency of Change. This book, bound with an earlier publication, The Only Revolution, makes up the Second Penguin Krishnamurti Reader (1973).

 55. January and March, 1972 (KFAA).

 56. From transcripts (BA).

 57. These video tapes, available from all three Foundations, have remained extremely popular.

 58. Freedom from the Known, p. 116.

 59. Golden Jubilee Souvenir Book (Krishnamurti Foundation India, 1979).

 60. Letters to the Schools (Krishnamurti Foundation England, 1981). A further eighteen Letters to the Schools, dated between 15 November 1981 and 15 November 1983, were published by the Foundation in 1985.

 61. Exploration into Insight, Pupul Jayakar and Sunanda Patwardhan (eds), p. 77 (Gollancz, Harper & Row, 1979).

 62. EFB, no. 42, 1982.

 63. The Future of Humanity (Mirananda, Holland, 1986). Mary Cadogan edited The Ending of Time anonymously.

 64. The Network of Thought, pp. 99–110 (Mirananda, Holland, 1983).

 65. The Flame of Attention (Mirananda, Holland, 1983).

 66. Available from KFAA and BA.

 67. Many of these discussions are given at length in Pupul Jayakar’s book Krishnamurti.

 68. Krishnamurti to Himself (Gollancz, Harper & Row, 1987).

 69. Los Alamos (a booklet) (Krishnamurti Foundation England, 1985).

 70. UN Secretarial News, 16 May 1984, and ESB, no. 47, 1984.

 71. Washington D.C. Talks 1985 (Mirananda, Holland, 1988).

 72. Seventy of these excellent photographs were published in Last Talks at Saanen (Gollancz, Harper & Row, 1986).

 73. BA.

 74. Ibid.

 75. When talking about the Centre with Mary Zimbalist and Scott Forbes at Schönried in August 1984.

 76. The Future is Now, Radhika Herzberger (ed.) (Gollancz, 1988).

 77. From a long account of K’s illness written by Scott Forbes after K’s death.

 78. From a letter from Stephen Smith to the author, written after K’s death.

 79. Indian Foundation Archives and BA.

 80. A video of this film is available from BA.

 81. EFB, special edition, 1986, and The Future is Now (Gollancz, Harper & Row, 1988).

 82. Indian Foundation Bulletin, 1986/3.

 83. From tape recording (BA).

 84. Ibid.

 85. Ibid (verbatim transcription).



(For thirty years Krishnamurti would rarely allow himself to be photographed, hence the lack of pictures of him in middle age.)

 1 K, Nitya and Leadbeater, Adyar, 1910. Photograph by courtesy of Radha Burnier

 2 Nitya, Mrs Besant, K and George Arundale arriving at Charing Cross Station, May 1911. Author’s photograph

 3 K in London, 1911. Author’s photograph

 4 Lady Emily Lutyens, 1912. Author’s photograph

 5 K, Nitya, Helen Knothe and the Lutyenses at Eerde, 1923. Author’s photograph

 6 The playing field below the Castle-Hotel, Pergine, 1924. Author’s photograph

 7 Nitya in India, 1924. Author’s photograph

 8 K in the doorway of the Round Tower, Castle-Hotel, Pergine, 1924. Author’s photograph

 9 Rajagopal at Ehrwald, 1923. Author’s photograph

 10 Leadbeater in Sydney, 1925. Author’s photograph

 11 Mrs Besant and K at Ojai, 1927. Photograph from Brockwood archives

 12 K at Ommen, c. 1928. Photograph from Brockwood archives

 13 K at Eerde, c. 1929. Photograph from Brockwood archives

 14 K and the author at Scheveningen, Holland, 1953. Author’s photograph

 15 A page of K’s notebook, 1961. Photograph by Mark Edwards

 16 K listening to a concert at Rajghat School, 1969. Photograph by Mark Edwards

 17 Nandini Mehta and Pupul Jayakar at Rajghat, 1969. Photograph by Mark Edwards

 18 K and Friedrich Grohe at Rishi Valley, 1983. Photograph by courtesy of Rita Zampese

 19 K at Brockwood School, 1972. Photograph by Mark Edwards

 20 K talking to students at Brockwood School, 1975. Photograph by Mark Edwards

 21 K in the Oak Grove at Ojai, 1972. Photograph by Mary Zimbalist

 22 K at the Lilliefelts’ house, Ojai, 1972. Photograph by Mary Zimbalist

 23 K and Scott Forbes at Rougemont, 1985. Photograph by Mark Edwards

 24 K speaking in Amsterdam, 1981. Photograph by Mark Edwards

 25 K’s last talk, Vasanta Vihar, 4 January 1986. Photograph by Mark Edwards


I am deeply grateful to Mark Edwards for giving me copies of his photographs, published by courtesy of the Krishnamurti Educational Trust Ltd who own the copyright.



















Đã dịch:

1-Sổ tay của Krishnamurti
Krishnamurti’s Notebook
2-Ghi chép của Krishnamurti
Krishnamurti’s Journal
3-Krishnamurti độc thoại
Krishnamurti to Himself
4-Bàn về giáo dục
On Education
5-Bàn về liên hệ
On Relationship
6-Thư gửi trường học
Letters to Schools
7-Nói chuyện cuối cùng 1985 tại Saanen
Last Talk at Saanen 1985
8-Nghĩ về những việc này
Think on these things
9-Ngẫm nghĩ cùng Krishnamurti
Daily Meditation with Krishnamurti
10-Thiền định 1969
Meditaion 1969
11-Bàn về Thượng đế
On God
12 –Tương lai là ngay lúc này
The Future is now
13 – Bàn về sống và chết 
On living and dying (2-2009)
14- Bàn Về Tình Yêu và Sự Cô Độc
15- Bàn Về Xung Đột, J. Krisnamurti
On Conflict
16 – Sự thức dậy của thông minh (Tập I/II)
The Awakening of Intelligence
17 – Bàn về sợ hãi (7-2009)
On Fear
18 - Bàn Về Học HànhHiểu Biết
19- Vượt Khỏi Bạo Lực 
Beyond Violence
20 – Sự thức dậy của thông minh (Tập II/II)
The Awakening of Intelligence
21 - Nghi Vấn Không Đáp Án
The Impossible Question
22 – Tự do đầu tiên và cuối cùng
The First and Last Freedom
23 - Bàn Về cách Kiếm Sống Đúng Đắn - Krishnamurti - Lời dịch: Ông Không
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Báo Chánh Pháp Số 46 Tháng 9/2015 - Chuyên đề Vu Lan - Mùa Báo Hiếu
Quảng Cáo Bảo Trợ
Gủi hàng từ MỸ về VIỆT NAM
Thầy THÍCH PHÁP HÒA sẽ có buổi thuyết pháp tại chùa Bảo Quang vào thứ bẩy ngày 22 tháng 4 năm 2023, lúc 2 giờ chiều