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Reason Behind Your Birth

14 Tháng Tư 201300:00(Xem: 27428)
Reason Behind Your Birth

A collection of Buddhist songs by the Universal Wisdom Foundation 

There’s a reason behind your birth
It’s not by chance you’re here on earth;
Who you are is how you have been,
The law or karma tirelessly spins.
Nature’s Law is perfect and just,
With a cause, the effect is cast;
Though in life, no one escapes pain,
This sad human state, need not always remain.

Break free from this cycle that binds,
Leave your earthly selfish concerns behind;
Be a Buddha in your thoughts, deeds, and words
And surely, you’ll be in Pure Land one day.

Look inside your heart, and you will find,
A nature that is pure and kind;
Let your heart be noble and true,
Let your mind be calm and stable, too.
(Repeat Chorus 2x)
And surely, you’ll be in Pure Land one day.


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