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Blessed is the Birth of Buddhas

Tuesday, April 26, 201618:53(View: 12659)
Blessed is the Birth of Buddhas
Blessed is the Birth of Buddhas

Composer: Tâm Đức - Singer: Andrew Capra

Oh what a blessing, the birth of Buddhas
What a blessing, true Dhamma words
Blessing of Sangha’s concord
Blessing to all those who strive.

How happily we live, friendly among the hostile
We dwell free from hate,

How happily we live among misery
Among miserable men we dwell free from sorrow.

How happily we live, unfrenzied among the frenzied
We dwell free from confusion.

How happily we live with nothing
Joyful like radiant Gods.

Who by wholesome kamma,
Covers evil done
Bringing light to the world
Like the moon when free from clouds.

So blessed is the birth of the Buddhas,
The Dhamma teachings,
The Sangha harmony,
Blessed is their striving.

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