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{Nếu không xem được trực tiếp: 1. Qúi vị cài thêm Adobe Reader X vào máy. Hoặc 2. Quí vị có thể right click trên mục đó và chọn Save Link As... để tải về máy mình} Hiệntại, có một chương trình đọc file PDF rất nhỏ gọn làFoxit Reader, quý độc giả có thể tải phiên bản mới nhấtchỉ có 3.7 Mb (việc download sẽ nhanh hơn nhiều so với AcrobatReader vài chục Mb), được cung cấp miễn phí tại:
  1. A Critical Analysis of the Jhanas - Henepola Gunaratana
  2. A Guide to a Proper Buddhist Funeral - Koperasi Buddhisma Malaysia Berhad
  3. A Guide to Awareness - By Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara
  4. A Guide to Japanese Buddhism - Japan Buddhist Federation
  5. A Manual for Buddhism and Deep Ecology - By Daniel H. Henning, Ph.D.
  6. A Manual of Abhidhamma (Abhidhammattha Sangha) - Narada Maha Thera
  7. A Map of the Journey - By Sayadaw U Jotika
  8. A Pali Word a Day - A Selection of Pali Words for Daily Reflection
  9. A Taste of Freedom - Ajahn Chah
  10. A Tree in a Forest - A Collection of Ajahn Chah's Similes
  11. Abhidhamma Studies: Researchs in Buddhist Psychology - Nyanaponika Thera
  12. Acariya Mun Bhuridatta, A Spirtual Biography - Boowa Nanasampanno
  13. Advice for Monks & Nuns - Lama Yeshe & Lama Zopa
  14. An Elementary Pali Course - Ven. Narada, Thera
  15. An Introduction to Buddhist Ethics: Foundations, Values and Issues - Peter Harvey
  16. Anapanasati (Mindfulness of Breathing) - Buddhadasa Bhikku
  17. Angulimala - G.K. Ananda Kumarasiri
  18. Animal Magnetism, Attraction of Spiritual Leaders - Francis Story
  19. Asoka the Buddhist Emperor of India - Vincent A Smith
  20. Aspects of Early Buddhist Sociological Thought - Ven. Pategama Gnanarama Ph.D.
  21. Becoming Your Own Therapist - Ven. Thubten Yeshe
  22. Beyond Belief - A.L. De Silva
  23. Bodhicharyavatara - The Way of the Bodhisattva - By Shantideva
  24. Brahmavihara Dhamma - Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw
  25. Biographies of the Great Sachen Kunga Nyingpo
  26. Buddha Abhidhamma Ultimate Science - Dr. Mehm Tin Mon
  27. Buddha's Constant Companion Venerable Ananda - Ven. Weragoda Sarada Maha Thero
  28. Buddha Dhamma for University Students - Buddhadasa Bhikkhu
  29. Buddha's Tales for Young and Old - Volume [1][2] - By Ven.Kurunegoda Piyatissa
  30. Buddhism as a Religion - Ven. Dr K. Sri Dhammanada
  31. Buddhism as an Education - Ven. Master Chin Kung
  32. Buddhism for the Future - Ven. Dr K. Sri Dhammananda
  33. Buddhism in a Nutshell - Ven. Narada, Thera
  34. Buddhism in Myanmar: A Short History - Roger Bischoff
  35. Buddhism in Sri Lanka: A Short History - H.R. Perera
  36. Buddhism in Thailand - Karuna Kusalasaya
  37. Buddhism in Thailand - The World Buddhist University
  38. Buddhist Arts of Thailand - By Ms Charuwan Chareonla
  39. Buddhist Ceremonies and Rituals of Sri Lanka - By A.G.S. Kariyawasam
  40. Buddhist Dictionary: Manual of Buddhist Terms & Doctrines - Ven. Nyanatiloka
  41. Buddhist Meditation - Edward Conze
  42. Buddhist Meditation and Depth Psychology - By Douglas M. Burns
  43. Buddhist Pilgrimage - Chan Khoon San
  44. Buddhist Women at the Time of the Buddha - Hellmuth Hecker
  45. Casuality and Emptiness the Wisdom of Nagarjuna - Dr. Peter Della Santina
  46. Chanting Book - Pali/English
  47. Charisma in Buddhism - By Ven. Piyasilo
  48. Clearing The Path - By Nanavira Thera
  49. Cloud and Water - Ven. Master Hsing Yun
  50. Crossword Puzzles - Buddhist Studies
  51. Cultivating Compassion - Thich Nhat Hanh
  52. Daily Readings from the Buddha's Words of Wisdom - Ven. S. Dhammika
  53. Dhamma Discourses on Vipassana Meditation - Ven. Sayadaw U Kundala
  54. Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta - The Great Discourse on the Wheel of Dhamma - Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw
  55. Dhammapada - A Translation - Ven. Thanissaro, Bhikku
  56. Dhammapada Stories - Gambhiro Bikkhu
  57. Dharma Mind Worldly Mind - By David Smith
  58. Di Zi Gui-Guide to A Happy Life
  59. Dying to Live - Role of Kamma in Dying and Rebirth - By Aggacitta Bhikku
  60. Essentials of Buddhism - Ven. Pategama Gnanarama Ph.D.
  61. Essentials of Insight Meditation Practice - By Ven. Sujiva
  62. Explanation and Analysis: The Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra Through the View of the Space-Time - Pho Nguyet
  63. Facing the Future - By Bhikkhu Bodhi
  64. Forest Path
  65. Frames of Reference & Duties of the Sangha - By Ajahn Lee Dhammadharo
  66. Fundamentals of Buddhism - Dr. Peter D. Santina
  67. Going Home to the Pure Land - By J.C. Cleary and Venerable Wuling
  68. Good, Evil and Beyond - Kamma in the Buddha's Teaching - By Bhikkhu P.A. Payutto
  69. Good Question Good Answer - Ven. S. Dhammika
  70. Guided Meditation for Primary Students - Buddha Net
  71. Handbook for Mankind - Buhhadasa Bhikkhu
  72. Hello - with Love & Other Meditations - By Ven. Víuddhhacara
  73. Honour Thy Fathers - By Ven. Kapilavaddho
  74. How to Write a Great Research Paper - Beverly Chin
  75. How to Write a Thesis - Rowena Murray
  76. In The Dead of Night - By Gambhiro Bikkhu
  77. Insight Meditation Workshop - Ven. Pannyavaro
  78. Inspiration from Enlightened Nuns - By Susan Elbaum Jootla
  79. Introduction to Basic Patthana - By Ashin Janakabhivamsa
  80. Intuitive Awareness - By Ajahn Sumedho
  81. Invitation to Insight Meditation - By Visuddhacara
  82. Kathina Then and Now - By Aggacitta Bhikku
  83. Keeping the Breath in Mind & Lessons in Samadhi - By Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo
  84. King Asoka and Buddhism: Historical & Literary Studiess - Anuradha Seneviratna
  85. Knowing and Seeing - By Ven. Pa-Auk Sayadaw
  86. Lamdra - Dawn of Enlightenment - By Lama Choedak Yuthok
  87. Liao-Fan's Four Lessons - By Liao-Fan of the Ming Dynasty
  88. Life of the Buddha for Secondary Students - Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc,
  89. Light of Asia - Sir Edwin Arnold
  90. Living Meditation, Living Insight - Dr. Thynn Thynn
  91. Love Your Children the Right Way - By Panyanada Bhikku
  92. Loving-Kindness Meditation - Ven. Sujivva
  93. Maha Satipatthana Sutta - Translated by U Jotika and U Dhamminda
  94. Making Your Mind an Ocean - Ven. Thubten Yeshe
  95. Manual of Zen Buddhism - Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki, D.Litt
  96. Masks: Anthropology on the Sinhalese Belief System - David Blundell Ph.D.
  97. Matrceta's Hymn to the Buddha - By Ven. S. Dhammika
  98. Metta Bhavana Loving-kindness Meditation - Ven. Dhammarakkhita
  99. Mindful Eating, Mindful Life - Thich Nhat Hanh
  100. Mindfulness, Bliss and Beyond
  101. Mindfulness of Breathing & Four Elements Meditation - Ven. Pa-Auk Sayadaw
  102. Mindfulness - The Path to the Deathless - By Ajahn Sumedho
  103. No Death No Fear - Thich Nhat Hanh
  104. No Inner Core - An Introduction to the Doctrine of Anatta - Sayadaw U Silananda
  105. Now is the Knowing - Ven. Ajahn Sumedha
  106. On the Path on Freedom - Sayadaw U Pandita
  107. Only We Can Help Ourselves - Ven. Dhammavuddho Thera
  108. One Foot in the World - Buddhist Approaches to Present-day Problems - Lily De Silve
  109. Ordination Procedure - Somdet Phra Mahasamana
  110. Pali Literature - K. R. Norman
  111. Phra Buddha Dhammacakra
  112. Popular Deities in Chinese Buddhism - Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc.
  113. Practical Grammar of the Pali Language - By Charles Duroiselle
  114. Practical Vipassana Exercises - By Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw
  115. Practising the Dhamma with a View to Nibbana - By Raghika Abeysekera
  116. Preparing for Death and Helping the Dying - Sangye Khadro
  117. Pure Land Buddhism: Dialogs with Ancient Masters - Thich Thien Tam
  118. Rahula Leads the Way - S. Dhammika & Susan Harmer
  119. Reading the Mind - K. Khao-Suan-Luang
  120. Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms - James Legge
  121. Seeding the Heart Loving-kindness Practice with Children - By Gregory Kramer
  122. Scientific Acceptability of Rebirth - Dr. Granville Dharmawardena
  123. Sixty Songs of Milarepa - Translation by Garma C. C. Chang
  124. Snow in the Summer - Ven. Sayadaw U Jotika
  125. Story of the Buddha - Illustrated Text Book
  126. Sutra of the Medicine Buddha - Minh Thanh & P.D. Leigh
  127. Sutra on the Eight Realizations of the Greart Beings - Thich Nhat Hanh
  128. Sutta-Nipata - By Lesley Fowler Lebkowicz, Tamara Ditrich, Primoz Pecenko
  129. Treatise of the Exalted One on Response and Retribution (Tai-shang Kan-ying Pien)- Translated from the Chinese by Teitaro Suzuki and Dr. Paul Carus
  130. Taming the Monkey Mind - Cheng Wei-an
  131. Teaching and Training Pa-Auk Forest Monastery - By Bhikkhu Moneyya
  132. Teaching From Venerable Master Chin Kung - By Chin Kung
  133. Teachings in Chinese Buddhism - Miao Yun
  134. The 31 Planes of Existence - Ven. Suvanno Mahathera
  135. The Art of Attention - Ven. Pannyavaro
  136. The Art of Living - Ven. Master Chin Kung
  137. The Bhikkhus' Rules, A Guide for Laypeople - Bhikkhu Ariyesako
  138. The Bhikkuni Patimokkha of the Six Schools - Translated by Chatsumarn Kabilsing Ph.D.
  139. The Book of Protection - Ven. Piyadassi, Thera
  140. The Buddha and His Disciples - Ven. S. Dhammika
  141. The Buddha, His Life and Teachings - Ven. Piyadassi, Thera
  142. The Buddha and His Teachings - Ven. Narada Mahathera
  143. The Buddhist Way - Ven. Dr K. Sri Dhammanand
  144. The Debate of King Milinda - Bhikkhu Pesala
  145. The Dhammapada: The Buddha's Path of Wisdom - By Acharya Buddharakkhita
  146. The Diamond Sutra - Hsuan Hua
  147. The Edicts of King Asoka - By Ven. S. Dhammika
  148. The Eightfold Path for the Householder - Jack Kornfield
  149. The Four Sublime States - Ven. Nyanaponika Thera
  150. The Fundamentals of Meditation Practice - By Ting Chen
  151. The Gates of Chan Buddhism - By Ven. Jing Hui
  152. The Iconography of Nepalese Buddhism - By Min Bahadur Shakya
  153. The Infinite Life Sutra
  154. The Jade Buddha Story - part [1][2][3][4] - Ian Green
  155. The Many Faces of Death - Jacqui James
  156. The Miracles of Mindfulness - Thich Nhat Hanh
  157. The Mission Accomplished - Ven. Pategama Gnanarama Ph.D.
  158. The Natural Cure for Spiritual Disease - Buddhadasa, Bhikkhu
  159. The Noble Eightfold Path: The Way to the End of Suffering - Bhikkhu Boghi
  160. The Power of Mindfulness - Ven. Nyanaponika Thera
  161. The Practice Which Leads to Nibbana - Pa Auk Sayadaw
  162. The Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra - Hsuan Tsang, Tan Hsu
  163. The Four Noble Truths - Ven. Ajahn Sumedho
  164. The Sangha and Its Relation to the Peace Process in Sri Lanka
  165. The Seeker's Glossary of Buddhism
  166. The Seven Stages of Purification & The Insight Knowledges - Ven. Matata Sri Nanarama
  167. The Sigalovada in Pictures - By Ven. K. Dhammasiri, K.W. Janaranjara
  168. The Sun My Heart - Thich Nhat Hanh
  169. The Surangama Sutra - Upasaka Lu K'uan Yu
  170. The Sutra of the Master of Healing - Upaska Shen Shou-Liang
  171. The Sutra on the Original Vows and the Attainment of Merits of Ksitigrabha Bodhisatta - By Ms Pitt Chin Hui
  172. The Sweet Drew of Ch'an - Lectures on Buddhist Meditation - By Reverend Cheng Kuan
  173. The Research Project How to write it - Ralph Berry
  174. The Roots of Good and Evil - Ven. Nyanaponika Thera
  175. The Teachings of Ajahn Chah - A Collection of Dhamma Talks
  176. The Vows of Bodhisattva Samantabhadra Sutra - Upasika Chihmann
  177. Three Teachings - Ven. Tenzin Palmo
  178. To Cherish All Life - By Roshi Philip Kapleau
  179. To Understand Buddhism - Ven. Master Chin Kung
  180. Transforming Problems into the Dharma Path - Thubten Gyatso
  181. Treasury of Truth - Ven. Weragoda Sarada Thero
  182. Venerable Acariya Mun - Acariya Maha Boowa Nanasampanno
  183. What Buddhist Believe - Dr.K.Sri Dhammanada
  184. Who's the Boss? - Gambhiro Bikkhu
  185. Wind in the Forest - Venerable Sujiva
  186. With Robes and Bowl Glimpses of the Thudong Bhikkhu Life - By Bhikkhu Khantipalo
  187. Women in Buddhism - Chatsumarn Kabilsingh Ph. D.
  188. Writing Your Doctoral Dissertation Invisible Rules for Success - Rita S. Brause
  189. Zen: A Cognition to the Mind - Pho Nguyet
  190. Zen Keys - Thich Nhat Hanh
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